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Glass facial cups


Plump up your skin while softening lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.
Facial cupping works because it stimulates the skin and underlying tissue. By creating a light suction, freshly oxygenated blood is brought into the tissue which increases skin cell nutrients, stimulates collagen and elastin, and restores new skin tissue.

We recommend using your cups for a few minutes 3 times a week for 6 to 12 weeks on and off for results to stick. However, results can be seen after just 1 treatment. You will notice a lifted, sculpted look immediately.

Get your glow back! Stop aging skin.

The benefits of facial cupping include:

  • Increased blood circulation to the head and neck.
  • Improved absorption of facial products.
  • Drainage of stagnant fluids.
  • Reduced puffiness.
  • Reduced appearance and prevention of facial lines and wrinkles.

This 2 piece glass cup set includes:
Medium facial and neck cup
Small facial and neck cup

Special precautions:
Cupping should not be performed on areas of skin ulceration, edema, or over the large blood vessels. It should be avoided on patients with bleeding disorders or patients taking anticoagulant medication or receiving therapy.

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